A downloadable asset pack

A set of textures handpainted within Blender, for Asset Jam 2. Includes a sample blender scene to show how they can be used.

Intended for cartoon / Windwaker-ey art styles and projects.

This is the Asset Jam 2 submission, though I'm intending to expand on this later.

Includes rocky cliffs, caves, a cliff -> snow ramp transition, distant forests and a very quickly scratch-built skybox. Planned future content involves proper trees, logs etc, icicles, and hopefully an actually half-decent skybox. Still, this is what was completed in time for the Jam submission.

Install instructions

Textures are png files, but the sample scene is a .blend file created in Blender 2.81; you'll want to export it to use in other software.


winter assets.zip 4 MB


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Hey, what's the licence on this pack? Great work btw :D

Creative Commons Attribution 4

(t-thanks for the reminder to actually set that)