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Metroidvania Month 7 entry: Shrinevania, by Guessy

Developed on the Unity engine, using Blender and Photoshop

With thanks to Usandru on the Sufficient Velocity forums, for their support.

Third party assets:
Arkham Interactive's Toony Skies pack
Amplify Shader Editor
Imphenzia's Universal Sound FX pack
Opsive's Behavior Designer
Will Hong's Dynamic Bone
Anomalous Underdog's Melee Weapon Trails

Sadly, faffing around solving NPC issues lead to the game not being nearly as long as I would have hoped; it barely qualifies as a metroidvania, and the art is badly rushed. Hopefully what is present can still prove interesting.

I documented the game's development here, which also explains all the early builds.


mvm7_rc1.zip 33 MB
mvm7_day24.zip 31 MB
mvm7_day20.zip 31 MB
mvm7 day15.zip 24 MB
mvm7 day8.zip 27 MB
mvm7 day7.zip 27 MB


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I pressed E at the shrine after bringing the girl there -- was that the end? I could still move and stuff, so I might've just broke it.

Er... quite possibly. Did she get up onto the shrine and sit down?

She got onto the shrine but then I kept on moving her around. The camera was fixed on the shrine though.

To confirm: the camera focused on the shrine and the gold character got up onto it, but the player (red) could still be moved?

It's probably a trigger issue (the ending cutscene is actually two-stage; it locks onto the shrine, waits for the gold character to run up onto it and then they should sit down and the camera pans back to an end screen; most likely the gold character's navigation messed up and stopped her just short of the final 'wait for the gold character to stand here' trigger)

Never actually had that happen in testing, I'm afraid :z